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Campervan & Motorhome Hire In Ireland

Campervan Surf Trip Ireland

Surfing on the Wild Atlantic Highway

With the recent official opening of the Wild Atlantic Highway, the worlds longest defined coastal touring route that clings to some of the worlds most diverse and surf focused coastlines, a surf trip in a camper has never been so breathtaking, and depending how much you like to explore, you can spend weeks without seeing another surfer. There are many discovered but not frequently surfed coastlines so if you have an adventurous spirit you will have many memorable sessions in some stunning locations. Picture you, your friends, your van and your boards, some hot food, dry wetsuits and a perfect point break; it is a trip of a life time. Blessed with a rugged and beautiful coastline, we have a fantastic variety of beach, reef and point breaks for every level of surfer to choose from. The surfing season is considered starting in September continuing throughout until May, but with the summer producing long daylight hours allowing the extra time to explore and spend in the ocean, every month in Ireland is perfect. 

Our vans are geared up to be the ideal surfing vehicle, with all the space and warmth you will need. Meet us at any airport and go from there. There is no set time to travel, or set route, fly in meet the Vanderlust team and start your hunt for your perfect surf, from Portrush in Northern Ireland through to the secluded beaches in Cork and every world class wave in between.

14 Day Surf Trip Starting in Dublin

Arrival Day

With 14 days to spend searching the wild west, we could meet you in Dublin, with your wagon prepped up ready for you to jump in, you could be suited up and ready for a surf within three hours. A simple drive to Bundoran along the N3, there are some perfect wild places to park the van for the night and get the travel washed off by some of the cleanest oceans in the world.

Day Two

Spend a couple of full days getting into the rhythm, check the surf forecast and make sure your kit is already set up, have a pint or several of Guinness, have a chat to a few of the locals and try and get the inside line on where is going to be the best over the length of your trip; waves such as the Peak, PMPA, G Spot, Black Spot.

Day Five

If you feel like chasing the best waves on the coast and doing lots of driving you could head to Clare, Kerry or Cork depending on what is going to be the best on the day but from Bundoran you could head to the points in Sligo, and cruise to Mayo to Achill Island for a few nights, it is one of the most magnificent places on earth to surf if the conditions are right. You can not see the open ocean for the mountains in the way, and with the snow covered hill you will know you are living. Waves such as Easkey, Enniscrone and the Box.

Day Seven

Moving further south to County Galway to the hills of Conamara and maybe exploring some of the islands off the coast, have a day trip and stop off in Galway City for some local culture, here are some beautiful pubs, restaurants, live music and night clubs, a hustling student and tourist town it will fulfill your need to see other people. Unnamed waves.

Day Eight

A night on the Burren, surf the beaches or the points, camp on the side of the road close to the beach, walk on some of the Unicef world heritage site and see some rare species of flora. Unnamed waves.

Day Ten

Another 30 minutes south is Lahinch surfing beach in the small and class region of County Clare. Here you will want to spend a few days searching out the nooks and crannies; there are waves like Spanish Point, Crab Island and Cornish Point.

Day Twelve

Flying Visit through Co Cork and Kerry get lost on the ring of Kerry and surf alone on the beaches hidden from the surf media. Cork hosts a warmer climate and a lovely accent, you might want to never leave. Its 3 hours again to Dublin to the airport but if you are leaving form a different airport that is no problem. We will come and meet you wherever suits.


This is just a mock plan and can be changed. You will have your transport and home, your board store, your kitchen and bathroom with you everywhere you go and can stay in one place as long as you like. There is no need to go to any of the famous spots or charge around the country, if you find a nice little wave somewhere, pull the hand-break up and relax into your perfect surfing campervan holiday. If you need any advice give us a call and we will try and help whereever possible, we have travelled around this fair coast line many times. We know what it is like to be a surfer on the road and how a quick conversation or little bit of advice and help the world over.

7 Day Trip From Shannon

Shannon airport is one of the closest airports to the coast, with amazing waves and beautiful beaches nearby, it is perfect to do a quick camper trip to the coast and stay where life takes you. We have tailored this trip for you to make seven days in a van some of the best in all your days.

Day One

We meet you at the airport with a tank of fuel and some basic information. From the airport its 40 minutes to the coast and you can be surfing within the hour at Lahinch, Doonbeg, or one of the other 30 waves within 10 miles of coast. Spend the rest of the first and second days getting used to the wild Atlantic and your wagon. Your 7-day journey will take you from Doonbeg, Co Clare in the south to Bundoran, Co Donegal in the north and back again.

Day Three

Depending on wave forecasts have another day in Co Clare or start your loop of the Wild Atlantic Highway and some of the best 350kms of surfing coastline in the world. Drive north to Co Galway either for a quick mission out to the coast or have a cultural mission in one of the most beautiful city come villages within Ireland. Drive to Co Mayo or Co Silgo depending on where is best for the waves, have a quick check on magic seaweed and make the call.

Day Five

Bundoran, Co Donegal; drive here and get lost within 10 miles of the best surfing coastline in Ireland, with a range of waves so close together you will be happy to find a little zone for the van and stay where you are, enjoy some of the oldest pubs on the coast with a backdrop of mountains.

Day Six

Make a decision on where the waves are going to be the best for the last couple of days of your trip and get there or stay in Bundoran, it might be heading back down the coast three hours south to Lahinch, have a pint and see the cliffs of Moher.

Day Seven

If you are in Co Clare surf until the last minute and then its a 40min drive back to the airport where you will meet one of the Vanderlust team to drop the van off, jump on a plane, sit back and enjoy flying over the wild Atlantic coast.


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